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I’m running for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission because I want to serve as a resource and advocate for my neighbors with local government.

Since moving to this neighborhood 13 years ago, I have been active in my community and have served on two ANC committees. I want to represent my neighbors with city agencies to ensure community voices are being heard regarding quality of life issues that impact our neighborhoods. If elected, I will work diligently to strengthen our community. I will seek opportunities for neighbors to connect with each other and engage on local issues that affect all of us. Recognizing that not everyone participates in ANC meetings, I will look for other ways to share information and keep neighbors informed about actions and decisions affecting our neighborhood.

As ANC Commissioner, I would leverage my broad experience as a civil servant, Peace Corps Volunteer, and community advocate to serve as a dependable resource and dedicated advocate for my neighbors with city government.

  • Public Service. For 25+ years, I have worked for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency where I have had the opportunity to interact with business owners, community members, advocacy and nonprofit organizations, elected officials, and local governments to address issues and concerns. Through this experience, I have collaborated and built coalitions with a wide range of parties from diverse backgrounds. And as a former Peace Corps Volunteer, I value the experience gained through working within a different culture to collaborate with and train high school science teachers in the Philippines.

  • ANC Committee Member. As a six-year member of the Economic Development and Zoning Committee, I advised on new development and construction projects for compliance with zoning requirements while also considering impacts to quality of life for the community and residents. I currently serve on the Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee. In this role, I review and recommend action to the ANC on all issues affecting liquor licenses while promoting partnerships with businesses that support the economic and social viability of our area.

  • Community Advocate. Since moving to the neighborhood in 2007, I have helped to create a neighborhood block association, organized block and alley cleanups, created neighborhood listservs, and worked with the ANC to address community concerns regarding street safety, illegal dumping, and new development. I also requested and recently received ANC approval for a traffic calming study for the 1400 block of Duncan Street NE.

  • More About Me. I grew up in the great city of Chicago, moved to the District 14 years ago, and currently share my home with two former community cats. I studied biology and chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and have focused my career on protecting the environment. I spend a lot of my free time practicing the ukulele and pondering my next home renovation project. 

Please feel free to contact me to share any concerns, suggestions or ideas at LauraGentileANC6A05@gmail.com

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